About Us

The Direction was a longtime dream for Mark. He grew up watching outdoor TV. He always loved watching TV legends like Hank Parker and Bill Dance catching fish and showing the how to's of fishing. For Mark who spent many years competitively fishing, hosting a fishing TV show was on his bucket list. Now after years of promoting and being an ambassador for 811, the opportunity came about to take the 811 message to the outdoor TV viewer with "The Direction". Prior to the show becoming a reality Mark had written two words on a piece of paper..."The Direction". He didn't know what those words were going to lead to and now his childhood dream of pursuing TV is here.

The Direction is a fishing show hosted by Mark Stowe who travels to bucket list locations catching fish. There is always a good story on these trips. Every episode will be full of laughs, excitement, the how to's of fishing and of course great fish. Our show has a purpose, a unique purpose of Friends, Family and Faith. Aside from catching fish, we have special guests that join us on our show to tell a unique story on each episode. You will never know who's going to step in the boat each week. Our goal for every episode is to bring an impactful show to our viewers. You will have to watch and see what direction is next.

Mark Stowe

With over 25 years of tournament fishing experience, he has competed from the professional level to the local level. He has been in marketing and sponsorship roles for outdoor companies for over 20 years. He represents for companies such as Ranger Boats, Denali Rods and 811 Call Before You Dig.

Mark owns M&J Landscape Design Group, Fertilawn of KY and 811 Outdoors Marketing and Production Company. 811 Outdoors markets to the outdoor enthusiast thru television, social media and stable items such as the 811 Bass Boat and 811 UTV which both are put on display around the country.